Jon Rawski

Jon Rawski Jon Rawski

Assistant Professor of Linguistics


I teach courses on general and computational linguistics at San Jose State University. In 2023/2024, I am on leave to teach and work at MIT Linguistics. During summers and winters I am in Paris, transiently at the Institut Jean Nicod. I generally study the mathematics of human language and learning. My work places mathematical boundary conditions on the grammars underlying human language and how they can be learned. These properties reflect humans’ unique neuronal structure and computational power, contributing foundational principles for the cognitive and computer sciences.

  • PhD in Linguistics, 2021

    Stony Brook University

  • MS in Cognitive Science, 2016

    Higher School of Economics

  • BA in Linguistics, 2013

    University of Minnesota

Recent & Upcoming Lectures

Mathematical Linguistics & Cognitive Complexity
Transductive Linguistics Redux
Abductive Inference of Phonotactic Constraints
Learning (Sub)regular Transformations
Formal Language Theory in Morphology and Phonology